il servizio taxi del comune di Roma da per gli aeroporti e ogni altra destinazione
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a taxi service in Rome bookable on the service free booking on the WEB.

AssoTaxi proposes a new way to travel in complete safety, knowing in advance the cost of the service for all urban and extra-urban streets of Rome and Lazio.

Why book with AssoTaxi ?

  • Because you can also book a taxi from one hour to a month in advance, ensuring that you have your taxi exactly when you need it.

  • Because you can make all your reservations without the need for registration, and thereafter through the reservation codes it is possible to access your personal agenda in order to test it, edit it or cancel it at any time. For your added security you can also see in advance which driver will collect you and contact them for further instructions.

  • Because you always with whom you are travelling and any lost property will never be a problem because you can trace the driver immediately and easily. (lost property offices in Italy) credit card american express visa diners bancomat mastercard

  • Because you can pay with all major credit cards and even ATMs directly in the taxi. If you want you can pay in advance with PayPal.

  • Because You can choose from a wide variety of cars best suited to your needs: sedans and minivans from 4 to 8 passengers, minibuses, buses for 25 to 50 passengers, passenger vehicles equipped with mobile ramps and lifts for the transportation of wheelchairs.

  • Because making a reservation is free and you can know in advance the net cost of each service. Confirmation of the reservation cost is guaranteed and invariable.

  • Because You can book at affordable prices for each destination. The fixed price protects you from any surprises and provides real savings. On balance, our taxis are cheaper in terms of price/quality ratio.

  • Because the invoice for each booked taxi service can be requested also afterwards at no additional cost.


How to use the online booking ?

Click on the button below "book your taxi now" and fill out the booking form at least 60 minutes in advance of your departure time, for the next day or even for your next month's trip, in a few simple steps you can reserve your taxi at a fixed price to any destination.


We strongly recommend that you are attentive to the fact that the reservation means at least one hour in advance and you can do it by clicking on the blue button "Book your taxi". If you want a taxi instantly use the yellow button "Find a taxi istantly"

Book your taxi.


You can verify your reservations at any time, edit them or delete them up to an hour before departure by clicking on "Reservation tracking":

Reservation tracking.


If you require a taxi right away you can find one in the shortest time possible with our Taxi-NOW service:

Find a taxi instantly.

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