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taxi rates and calculation of costs of all services taxi

This tool, unique on the sector, lets you know in advance the cost for bookings of all urban paths and extra-urban transfers. The reservation is important because it gives you the service, in fact AssoTaxi undertake all of its resources to ensure the success of the same.

What is Taxi-PRICE ?

Taxi-Price is an exclusive tool, available from AssoTaxi, which allows you to calculate in advance the cost of taxi service for the city and each destination. In most displaying details of taxi fare currently in force.

Why use Taxi-PRICE ?

  • because you know in advance the final price, including supplements, any taxi, booked with AssoTaxi, both urban that extra-urban.

  • because the taxi fare calculation takes into account the number of passengers and luggage, day and night hours, holiday or weekday.

  • because there are no surprises, if you book a taxi, the fare is guaranteed and calculated AssoTaxi undertakes to respect them anyway, whatever the day of the year, from traffic, if it rains or it's sunny!

Who can use Taxi-PRICE ?

  • who doesn't want surprises taxi fares.

  • Taxi-PRICE is an exclusive of AssoTaxi and is available to all, consumers, businesses, institutions.

How to use Taxi-PRICE ?

Click the button "calculate cost Taxi", fill out the simple form and press submit. If you did not properly address names starting and destination the system calculates the cost immediately. You can do all the tests you want without problems. If the price you're satisfied you can also book directly.


  • write in "departure address" your address, for example via Veneto.

  • write in "destination address" Fiumicino.

  • Press OK and you will have the result, very simple !

Calcola il costo / Calculates cost


Taxi Fare of the municipality of Rome:

Tariffs for the public taxi transport service, in force since 2 January 2008

Ordinary taxi Fare:

Fixed fee weekdays starting (ore 7:00 ÷ 22:00) 2,80 euro
Fixed share of departure holidays  (ore 7:00 ÷ 22:00) 4,00 euro
Fixed part night departure (ore 22:00 ÷ 7:00) 5,80 euro
Taxi Tariff hourly euro/h (shutter time applicable for speeds of less than 20 km/h) 23,70 euro
Taxi Fare mileage euro/Km for urban routes (within the g.r.a) for speed exceeding 20 Km/h 0,92 euro
Taxi Fare mileage euro/Km for urban routes (within the g.r.a) for speed exceeding 20 Km/h 1,50 euro
Amount single click 0,10 euro



The first is free baggage 0,00 euro
Each baggage following the first and larger than cm x 0.25 x 0.35 x 0.50  1,00 euro


Predetermined taxi Rates:

(a City Council Deliberation No. 493 del 6/9/2006)

to/from airport Fiumicino/Rome within Aurelian Walls 40,00 euro
from/to airport Ciampino/Rome within the Aurelian Walls 30,00 euro

The flat Rome Fiumicino and flat Rome Ciampino special taxi rates are and shall be valid only under certain conditions, listed below:

  • The customer must climb on taxi at a point within the so-called "Aurelian Walls".

  • The customer must go directly to the airport, without intermediate stops or deviations, otherwise you will use the normal fare calculated by the taximeter.

  • The price is identical whether in direction Rome Fiumicino and Rome Fiumicino reverse path.

  • Price is valid for up to four passengers. If passengers are more, you will use the normal fare calculated by the taximeter.

  • Baggage are included, so you do not add the normal extra charge for luggage.

  • Do not add either the normal surcharges for holiday or for the night.

Phone call:

For telephone calls to the stands taxi or through the taxi-radio service by GRA defines the following maximum amounts of call, to add to the initial departure shot described above:

If the arrival of the taxi is previewed within 5 (five) minutes from calling 2,00 euro
If the arrival of the taxi is expected within 10 (ten) minutes from calling 4,00 euro
If the arrival of the taxi is expected more than 10 (ten) minutes from calling 6,00 euro


The operator of radio taxi or taxi driver responds to -metered telephone are obliged to inform the customer in addition to the withdrawal period, even the amount of the payment in the manner described above.

If the amount of the taximeter, upon arrival at the point of call, exceeds the maximum values defined above, the difference will be deducted from the final cost of travel.

Taxi Rates facilitated:

Although still promoted by several parties the discount of 10% on the amount indicated by taximeter for the travels to Romans and hospitals for women travelling alone at 9: 00 to 01: 00 is no longer applicable because was rejected by the TAR, see also

Supplement railway station:

A supplement of EUR 2.00 (two) for source from Termini station.

Supplement for cars with capacity over 4 passengers:

A supplement of euro 1,00 (one) for each passenger the fifth onwards.

See also taxi fares:

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