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About us

The story of the first Italian web taxi

AssoTaxi was formed in Rome as an association in 1991, in order to protect and strengthen the company Taxi and develop organizational synergies between colleagues from Rome, Milan, Turin and other large and smalltowns in Italy.

taxi service free booking online, transfer reservation from/to airport Fiumicino, Ciampino.

Over the years, we have experienced the most advanced technologies of communication and satellite tracking GPS (Global Position System) thought to be inadequate, both from an operational point of view, given the slow connections, which from an economic point of view, given the excessive costs of these systems that also became "old" from the day after their purchase, and obsolete within two years.

From this experience is derived the choice to develop a system in its exclusive, calibrated on the actual needs of taxi drivers and their customers. An ambitious and challenging path from which was born on our exclusive computerised Ev@_34 which offers fully automated :

  • Instant Call of taxi via the Web, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Instant Call of taxi via SMS text, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Confirmations and reminders to all services booked with SMS text and EMAIL.

  • Instant Calculation over Rome and the Lazio region, province, of the cost of each transfer requested.

  • For registered customers, online personal organizer for managing services, receivables, billing, accounting, conventions, discount vouchers, etc.

The story :

The early years were marked by intense activity syndicate that we allowed them to preserve historical carparks taxi as "piazza dei Giochi Delfici" and "piazza Cina" addressed, from the policy of "mobility" pursued by Councillors to traffic in Rome of the era, such a amazing abandonment. Still today the metered taxi phone reference, for all inhabitants of the city, is under the responsibility of AssoTaxi. At the end of the 1990s, the renewed strategy Board change the day-to-day work of taxi driver, pointing to a decided improvement of quality of service delivered to the citizen. The user-customer was placed at the Centre of the project and to him were directed all attentions and subsequent initiatives. Website, online booking, toll-free, predetermined costs: all items so far still unknown to many structures radio-taxis operating in this sector.

Year 2000 :

Thanks to an agreement with a bank note AssoTaxi partners rely on their cars of the first GSM allowing POS payment with all existing credit cards.

Year 2002 :

AssoTaxi is invited to the annual initiative of the "Club Genova start-ups", like "Bearer of ideas" which is a carrier of ideas start-up company liable to developments in future business.

Year 2005 :

To better respond to new market demands AssoTaxi turns into consortium of artisanal and and with a series of agreements with small and medium-sized enterprises is extended the offer of transport services, such as that for disabled people, with special means for disabled immobile, or for groups of people, with minibus up to 14 passengers and with bus up to 50 passengers, and finally the limousine service for special events like weddings, congresses etc.

Year 2006 :

Collecting experience collecting numerous trials of previous years is launched the project of the system Ev@_34.

Year 2008 :

The first Italian web-taxi enters actual service and is open to all without registration, it is now possible for anyone to calculate the fare of 275.327.649 (275milions) of different urban paths, i.e. from any destination via the capital and in any other way, including airports. More most destinations within the region Lazio. Quickly and easily our users can also book directly from the web-site to predetermined cost just calculated that is guaranteed to all destinations urban built-up. Ev@_34 allows extremely low production costs to the benefit of improving the quality of the service, both for the taxi company that for their customers.

Year 2009 :

Informs the sender first call taxi for SMS. With a simple SMS text to the number +39 346 800 1 800 the user can call the taxi closest to your departure address so completely automated! Zeroing in one fell swoop telephone expectations and the cost of maintaining a normal radio-taxi.

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