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-Welcome to AssoTaxi-
The first Rome airport transfer booked on the WEB: Airport Shuttle & airport transfer from/to Civitavecchia harbor, Ostia harbour, Riva dei Tirreni Harbour.

AssoTaxi represents an evolution in the concept of the taxi-radio in Rome and is the most modern that today’s market can you offer. You can easily manage all your reservations on the WEB.



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Registration    to use the services of AssoTaxi not have to register, but by doing it you can save time in the future use    Recover password

Discover all the services offered by AssoTaxi :

  • Taxi-Booking. Book a cab in Rome with predetermined costs

    With Taxi-BOOKING all taxis can be booked well in advance, from one hour to a month before, to be sure that you have your car exactly when you need it. From your computer you can make all your reservations with no need for registration and knowing in advance the predetermined fare of the transfer. Later with the reservation codes you will be able to access your personal agenda independently and manage your reservations: you can test them, edit them, and cancel them at any time. For your added security you can also see in advance who will come to collect you and contact them for further instructions if so required.

  • Taxi-Now. Call the cab instantly

    If the taxi is needed instantly, with our service call Taxi-NOW and you can find an available taxi as soon as possible directly from your computer. The system is fully automated, and always available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The the fare is calculated with the meter.

  • Taxi-SMS. Search a cab with a simple SMS

    Taxi-SMS is the easiest and quickest way to call and find a taxi in Rome which is closest to your address and in the shortest time possible. Send a simple SMS to # +39 346.800.1.800 and in 100 seconds you will receive a reply. The system is fully automated, and always available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The the fare is calculated with the meter.

  • Taxi-PRICE. Calculates the fare of your transfer

    Want to know how much a cab from Rome to Fiumicino airport fare? With Taxi-PRICE you can calculate in advance the taxi fare of each location, urban or extra-urban, before booking. You can check every street in Rome and the surrounding areas. The reservation is free of charge and guarantees the best fare and best service with AssoTaxi employing all of its resources to ensure the success of your request.

  • Shuttle transfer beetween Rome to Fiumicino Airport and Civitavecchia Harbour

    We also have a airport shuttle service from/to the Ciampino airport, Fiumicino airport, and shuttle service from/to Ostia Harbour, Fiumicino Harbour, Gaeta Harbour, Civitavecchia Harbour. The shuttle service must be booked in advance and will be at your exclusive service, without sharing.

Where to find our taxis

AssoTaxi work throughout Rome and the surrounding areas, Ciampino and Fiumicino airport and all of the Lazio region.

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