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for companies, institutions and private

AssoTaxi you proposes its Convention in "ACCOUNT" unique in the industry, a formula of pre-payment, that allows you to manage your reservations and check your remaining credit directly from your computer.

write: NAME ADDRESS STREET-NUMBER and sends an text-SMS to the number 3468001800

Why open an account with AssoTaxi ?

  • because the invoicing of the amount paid is immediate and exempt from VAT (art.10 n9 - DPR 633/1972).

  • because sign in to your Web page, with username and password confidential and personal, refreshed automatically in real time.

  • because you can check all movements made by you or by your staff and the remaining credit at any time.

  • because no need to deliver paper vouchers for each trip then accounting is simplified to the maximum.

  • because you can book for each destination at fixed fare, predetermined and invariable.

  • because you know always with travellers and any objects lost will never be a problem because trace the driver will be simple and immediate.

  • because you can choose from a wide variety of cars that fit your needs : sedans and minivan from 4 to 8 passengers, minibuses from 25 seats, 50 seats bus, special vehicle equipped with mobile ramps and lifts for wheelchairs.

Who can negotiate conventions and open an account ?

Anyone, the service conventions is available to companies or individuals customer, you can see a demo by inserting two times "prova" (without quotes) as username as the password on the home-page and then go to "control your account".

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