il servizio taxi del comune di Roma da per gli aeroporti e ogni altra destinazione
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taxi service in Rome with direct call from the WEB.

AssoTaxi we offers the easiest, quick and cheap to find a taxi and can be used both in Rome and Fiumicino airport or Ciampino airport. The call is instantaneous, without telephone waiting or wasting time.

What is Taxi-NOW ?

Taxi-Now is one of the services provided by our exclusive, fully computerised system ev@34, to which all our operators in the area are linked, and which allows you to call a taxi directly on the Internet. The call is instantaneous, without waiting or wasting time.

Why use Taxi-NOW ?

  • no phone cost.

  • no loss of time as you search taxi in only 100 seconds.

  • you can directly manage the taxi request by filling in the form in a few simple steps.

  • the system is fully automated and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • the taxi driver will kindle the taximeter "only under your door," adding, once arrived at your destination, only 2 euro for the call, as by municipal rate, irrespective of the time of arrival, with considerable savings in money.

Who can use Taxi-NOW ?

  • those who want to travel in safety and without surprises.

  • all those who have a PC, handheld or Smartphone.

  • offices, restaurants, hotels and public places where you need to call taxi quickly.

  • all those who have been waiting, finally, for something new, efficient and totally transparent.

How to use Taxi-NOW ?

Click the button "find a taxi immediately" and fill out the simple form of call taxi. Simply enter the name, the start address and press "send". The address is recognized by the street map and the search for a taxi is immediate. remain connected and in only 100 seconds we'll give you the result of your search. By entering a phone number  we will also send the confirmation via SMS. No radio-taxi service can give you more.

Find a taxi instantly.

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