il servizio taxi del comune di Roma da per gli aeroporti e ogni altra destinazione
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Frequently Asked Question.

1- the taxi fare starts from the moment of departure? I happened that a taxi, come to my departure address, where the expected, had already the taximeter to 7 euros, counted from the location of the cab itself upon my call.

2- why the taximeter is not starting from scratch? Is correct when starting the fixed fee is 2.80 euro?

3- The chauffeur driven car rental companies have no obligatory rate?

4- Why is it so hard to find a taxi that accepts credit card?

5- I forgot a bag inside the taxi, who do I contact?

6- the taxi driver is obliged to issue a tax receipt for the amount cashed in for the service?

7- How can you get the Bill, what is the possible article that rule this situation?

8- when public transport strike, even taxis strike?

9- is there an extra charge for the telephone call of taxi?

10-How do you know the telephone number to call the taxi in each city?

11-once a taxi driver told me that the address where I was directed was outside the limit of tariff and that I should pay a surcharge. That means?

12- when I call a radio-taxi ask me name, address and phone number, what about privacy?

13- why you cannot know in advance the price of a taxi for a given location?

14- if it were abolished any license and liberalised sector that does not really would create a lot of competition for the benefit of the user ?

15- How does the system of payment by card in Rome for the disabled ?

16- Sorry the naive question, but the price listed on the taximeter is a person ?

17- I would like to pursue the profession of taxi driver, what are the requirements that I need?

18- Sono un taxista e sarei interessato al vostro metodo di lavoro, come posso associarmi ad Asso Taxi?

19- Sono un fumatore e vorrei sapere se in taxi si può fumare.

20- Giunta a Roma in treno, prendo un taxi alla stazione e vedo che parte con la tariffa di euro 2,80. Sapevo che da Termini c’era un somma aggiuntiva da pagare e non ci bado molto. Giunta a destinazione il tassista mi dice che rispetto al totale segnato sul tassametro ci sono 2 euro in più, causa partenza da Termini. Mi chiedo allora che cosa rappresentavano quei 2,80 euro iniziali e lui mi risponde che la tariffa dei 2 euro è una cosa, mentre i 2,80 iniziali sono fissi. La risposta non è stata molto chiara per capire come funzionano queste tariffe e francamente ritengo di essere stata presa in giro… per non dire altro.

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