il servizio taxi del comune di Roma da per gli aeroporti e ogni altra destinazione
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The instant taxi service with a simple SMS to 346.800.1.800

AssoTaxi we offers the easiest, quick and cheap to find a taxi immediately telephone waits ne time losses. Much more than they can offer you a simple radio-taxi.

What is Taxi-SMS:

Taxi-SMS is a unique research system, fully automated taxi.


Why use Taxi-SMS:

  • nothing wasted time because you have the results of research of taxi in only 100 seconds.

  • coast as an ordinary SMS, less than usual and long wait on the phone for regular radio-taxi.

  • the system is fully automated and is available 24 h a day, 365 days a year.

  • the taxi driver will kindle the taximeter "only under your door," adding, once arrived at your destination, only 2 euro for the call, as from municipal fee, irrespective of the time of arrival, with considerable savings of money.

  • why is the easiest and cheapest on the market today, and with reduced management costs allows us to offer you cheaper rates.

invia un SMS ad AssoTaxi al numero 3468001800 e scrivi: NOME INDIRIZZO CIVICO e ZONA

Who can use Taxi-SMS:

  • anyone is able to do a SMS.

  • who doesn't want to or can't waste time on the phone with the usual radio-taxi.

  • who wants to try something new, efficient and transparent world Taxi.


How to use Taxi-SMS:

  • make an SMS with the text: "CIVIC ADDRESS NAME and ZONE" for example: "Carlo, piazza Cavour 2, Prati"

  • mail it to the number 346.800.1.800 .

  • the computer system you immediately responds with another SMS within 48 hours either confirming started searching.

  • in only 100 seconds another SMS you confirm the results of research of taxi!

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