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Rome official taxi fare, cost of the cab between Rome to the airport Fiumicino and Ciampino or any other destination

This tool, unique on the sector, allows you to calculate in advance the taxi fare to book any type of transfer. The book is important because it guarantees you a fixed rate.

What is Taxi-PRICE ?

This is a free tool, offered by AssoTaxi, which allows you to calculate in advance the rate of any ride into rome city and the fare for transfers from Rome to the airport Fiumicino and Ciampino and vice versa, or transfers from Rome and the airport to the port of Civitavecchia and vice versa.

Why use Taxi-PRICE ?

  • because you know in advance the total fare, including any possible surcharges.

  • because the fare calculation takes into account the number of passengers and luggage, day and night hours, holiday or weekday.

  • because there are no surprises, if you book a cab, the fixed rate is guaranteed, every day of the year, at any time of day or night, in all kinds of traffic ... if it rains or if it's sunny!

Who can use Taxi-PRICE ?

  • when you do not want surprises in the cost of the cab.

  • Taxi-PRICE is an exclusive of AssoTaxi and is available to all, consumers, businesses, institutions.

How to use Taxi-PRICE ?

Click the button "calculate cost Taxis", fill out the simple form and press submit. If you did not properly address names starting and destination the system calculates the fare immediately. You can do all the tests you want without problems. If the fare you're satisfied you can also book directly.

Example :

  • write in "departure address" your address, for example "airport Fiumicino".

  • write in "destination address" "via Veneto".

  • write in "city destination" "Rome".

  • write the other fields and press OK and you will have the fare, very simple !

calculate the taxi fare

For more information on tariffs, fixed rate, supplements, you can view the Official Taxi Fare of the municipality of Rome

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